Currently Supported File Types:
Applescript Script, Applescript Text, Applescript Applications, Unix Shell Scripts, C, Objective-C, Swift, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Verilog, VHDL, Tcl/Tk, Lua, R, XML, ASP, Cold Fusion, REALbasic Native Version Control Format, plain text

What's New
Version 2.12
- Fixed bug in code preview window which prevented your search string from being used.

Version 2.11
- Updated for OS 10.10
- Added support for Swift source code files
- Implemented full screen behavior when used on OS 10.7 or later
- New demonstration period for those who have tried ScriptLight before
- bug fixes

About ScriptLight
ScriptLight does what Spotlight does not. ScriptLight allows you to search and manage source code files on your computer. Do you use applescript? Do you dabble in shell scripting? Lots of us use languages to write things for our computers. Maybe you use HTML or maybe you use JavaScript. Whatever you use ScriptLight will make it easy for you to search the actual code of your files so you can quickly find it and re-use it in your next project! ScriptLight also makes it easy for you to manage your code files with its other built-in functions.

With the number of files many of us have on our computer it becomes almost impossible to find code we have already created. Spotlight doesn't even allow us to search our Applescript code files and Spotlight doesn't index all of the folders that hold our other types of source code. Well now there's ScriptLight which allows you to have all of your code files in one place. You'll rediscover files you forgot you ever had!

Computer Requirements
ScriptLight will work on Macintosh computers with system software of MacOSX 10.6 and higher for Intel based Macs. A version for MacOSX 10.4 and PPC Macs is linked above.

Sections of the Main Window
How Does ScriptLight Work?
It’s very easy. You tell ScriptLight what types of code files you want added, you tell ScriptLight what folders to search for those files, you update your database, and that’s it. ScriptLight will find your code files in those folders and add them to the database of information so you can perform all of the functions in ScriptLight. You can add/remove search folders. You can change the file types Scriptlight will search for. Just press the “Update DB” button and ScriptLight will make the necessary changes according your preferences.

Now that ScriptLight is all set up you double-click a file in the table and the Code Preview window opens so you can view your code. You can search for specific files in the search area and the Code Table will adjust to find only those code files. If you view their code all of your search terms are highlighted so you can find the terms easily. Select another file in the Code Table and the Code Preview Window will adjust accordingly. It’s that simple!

What are people saying about ScriptLight?
An Administrator from
I just downloaded your app. Very cool and great job! This should go over very well in the scripting community.

A customer with over 4000 code files in ScriptLight
This is truly great stuff. Love it. Given it's efficiency with my early tests, I'm not straining ScriptLight at all. Everything seems to be working quite well too... I'm going to find this very useful.

Voted the #3 application by the Editors of

From an email I received
I've been using ScriptLight for a while now, and I must say, wuhu, I found some of my old shellscripts... almost think I love you! Very nice application.

From another customer
Hank, you are insane. Damm, the speed when running an update on the database is SUPER!

Why ScriptLight was created
I started programming with Applescript. What frustrated me most was as I got more into applescript I had a harder and harder time finding the applescript code that I had already written. When I would try to write a new applescript I wanted to re-use some of the applescript code that I had already written but I had no easy way of finding the code I needed. Spotlight doesn't index applescript code files so Spotlight was useless for this task. So I set out to find something to help me. I did find a few solutions but they were very expensive. That's when I decided to write my own program to help me and that's how ScriptLight started. I quickly learned that I wasn't the only person having these difficulties. So after several months of using ScriptLight just for my own personal use, I decided to release it as a program so others could benefit too. Then as my programming skills expanded I started using other languages, and ScriptLight naturally morphed into more than just a tool to search applescript files. Today ScriptLight has many languages that it handles and many more capabilities than just searching. Really, I don't know what I would do without it!

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