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Using Bookmarks
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What's New
Version 2.1
- Updated for Mac OS 10.10
- bug fixes

Version 2.0
- this version runs on Mac OS X 10.6 or later
- in 10.8 or later a "Share" button is available to share your notes using Mac sharing services for Twitter, Facebook etc.
- in 10.7 or later we use the system mechanism for full screen mode in a new space.
- in 10.7 or later we use the FindBar instead of the FindPanel for easier searching and highlighting of results.
- In 10.7 or later we use the new InspectorBar instead of the standard ruler for more comprehensive editing options.
- in the preferences you can move your notes database and other files to a new location
- added menu options to change a note's created and modified dates manually.
- updated the Dock right-click menu so you can go directly to a bookmark or create any type of note.
- when deleting notes any associated bookmarks for those notes are also deleted (doesn't apply to locked notes)
- when changing a note name any associated bookmarks for that note are updated with the new name (doesn't apply to locked notes)
- added a menu item so you can update the Bookmarks Inspector for the current note. (doesn't apply to locked notes)
- the video notes now show at their proper size
- added the H.264 640x480 video recording option,
- removed the MPEG4 video note recording options because they do not work in a 64 bit application
- fixed a bug where the notes did not properly indent themselves in the notes list on 10.7 or later
- fixed a bug where when manually saving a document, the document sometimes scrolled to a different position
- fixed a problem with the email function needing access for assistive devices enabled
- fixed a problem with a new default note being created randomly
- new 14 day demonstration period for those who have tried Simply Notes before
- many other bug fixes

About Simply Notes
We hope you enjoy Simply Notes! Simply Notes is a program to help you stay organized. All your thoughts and ideas can be kept in one place, as notes, for quick and easy access. You can even work in Full Screen Mode to eliminate distractions while using your notes. Simply Notes tracks all of the important aspects of your notes. Things like the creation date and the last time your note was modified is tracked. You can use custom images to represent your note and you can even use lined note paper if you wish. Simply Notes is fully customizable so you can work the way you like.

With Simply Notes you can create 3 different kinds of notes. First you can create Audio Notes. When you create an audio note you just speak into your computer's microphone and your words are captured into an audio file which plays in Simply Notes. Second there are Video Notes. Video notes are created by using your computer's video camera. Third you can create Rich Text Notes. Rich Text Notes can be fully customized with rich text, url links, images, tables, lists, and more!

Computer Requirements
Simply Notes will work on Macintosh computers with system software of MacOSX 10.6 and higher. It runs on Intel based Macs.

Key Features
  • create audio, video, or rich text notes
  • take rich text notes with you on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
  • bookmark note text and use the links externally
  • password protect your notes
  • keep your notes in one place
  • automatic note saving
  • full screen mode
  • quickly find notes with searching
  • organize your notes with folders and keywords
  • extensive importing and exporting options
  • drag/drop notes and folders to rearrange them
  • use custom images to represent your notes
  • directly email your note using
  • use lined note paper if you wish
  • lots of preferences to customize the interface


You can create bookmarks in your notes. When you bookmark some text, you can create a link to that bookmarked text anywhere else! And we mean virtually anywhere. The link can be used in other places within your notes so you can quickly find that bookmark again. The link can also be used outside of Simply Notes too. For example if you paste that bookmark link into an email message and click it Simply Notes will open, the proper note is displayed, and the bookmarked text is highlighted. Give bookmarks a try because you'll find many uses for them.

Your notes can be fully protected. If your note contains sensitive information then you can lock the note. When locked your note is encrypted using the AES-256 block cipher and only your password can unlock it. This is professional grade security. You can read more about AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) here.

Organizing your notes is simple. You create folders to store your notes and use drag/drop to move your notes around. You can add keywords to a note for even more control over how your notes are organized. There's a search field to help you find your notes quickly too. The search checks the note name, the note text, and the note keywords to find exactly what you need.

Importing and Exporting
You have full control over your notes. You can bring virtually any file into Simply Notes by importing it. Just drag/drop a file to the Notes section and it's imported automatically. Simply Notes understands many file formats so almost any file can be converted into a note. When you want to share your notes with others you can either email the note directly or export the note to a file. To email just choose "Email Note" under the File menu and is opened and your note is placed into a new email message. To export a note just choose "Export" under the file menu and save your note to one of many different file formats including Microsoft Word files, PDF, HTML, Plain Text, and others.

Download Simply Notes and try all of its features! It's free to try!
$9.95 US