What's New
Version 3.6
- Modified how windows are opened to open the target's container if the target can't be found
- Rewrote some code to optimize opening sets
- Fixed a problem with the application launching on MacOSX 10.4
- Fixed a bug when importing old windowsets from previous versions which caused a crash
- New demo period for those who have tried it before
- Bug fixes

Version 3.5
- Rewrote much of the code to make opening sets much faster
- Paths originating in home folder now have the home folder as the root folder instead of the main hard drive
- Other bug fixes

About Simple WindowSets
Are you always digging into the same folders? Do you often have several Finder windows open to perform a task? Then Simple WindowSets is for you! Simple WindowSets sits in your menu bar and is always there when you need it!

You position some Finder windows on your desktop, arrange them however you want, with any view options you want, and then use Simple WindowSets to save them as a set. Your set can be comprised of as many windows as you like and you can save as many sets as you like. Now that you have a set saved, you can restore those windows any time you want by selecting the set from the menu. It’s that easy!

Why Simple WindowSets was Created?
The whole point of creating SWS was to make a product that I wanted to use. I personally needed this task. I'm constantly in-and-out of folders all day long so I needed something to speed that process. Spaces in 10.5 Leopard is one solution, but that's much more than I need. So the goal of SWS is simply to save sets of Finder windows and allow you to most easily retrieve them. I didn't want it to have every feature that you can imagine. I put in the features that I think will impact a person's productivity. Version 3.0 was just released and this version is the most powerful and easy to use version yet. The global keyboard shortcuts have become essential for me. I'm still amazed how much time Simple WindowSets saves me every day.

Computer Requirements
Simple WindowSets will work on Macintosh computers with system software of MacOSX 10.4 and higher. It is a "Universal Binary" application so it will work on both PPC and Intel based Macs.

It's a Menu Bar Application!
Simple WindowSets runs primarily from the menu bar. When you launch it you will see the icon at the top of your screen near the date/time and spotlight search field. That’s Simple WindowSets! The menu has most of the commands you need to perform common tasks. As a menu-bar application it is available to you at all times. If you need more advanced capabilities then you can choose “Manage WindowSets…” from the menu and the Manager window will display containing other advanced functions.

What window properties are saved in a set?
All of them. There are many properties such as how the window looks, the size of the icons and text, the current view (i.e. icon view, list view, column view, or flow view), where the window is positioned, how the window is sorted etc. These properties are saved for each window of your set. When you choose to restore your set after it’s been saved, the windows will return just as you left them.
$12.95 US
Using Custom Images
1) Default Image
The default image is the image that is displayed in the menu (and in the Manager window) for your WindowSet when you have not given a set an individual custom image. Simple WindowSets includes a default image. However you can use one of your own images as the default image. Under the Tools menu press "Choose Default WindowSet Image…" and choose the image you want to use as the default. You can always return to using the default image included with Simple WindowSets by pressing "Reset Default WindowSet Image…" from the Tools menu.

2) Individual WindowSet Image
You can assign an image to one particular WindowSet too. This image will be used instead of the default image and allows you to customize the look of your menu. To assign a custom image to a set, just open the Manager window and drag an image onto a set! The image will be automatically resized to have a height of 21 pixels so that it fits in the menu properly. The width of the image is resized proportionately to retain the shape. Allowing a variable width in the menu gives you flexibility in how you customize Simple WindowSets. You can delete the custom image for a set and return to using the default image by pressing the toolbar button "Reset Image".

Global Keyboard Shortcuts
You can restore the first 10 window sets in the menu using keyboard shortcuts. To do this, hold down the control-shift keys and then press the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 0 on your keyboard. The appropriate window set will be restored for you. For example pressing control-shift-1 will restore the first window set listed in the menu.

The keyboard shortcuts will work any time, no matter what application you are currently using. Notice that the title of the menu has (control-shift 1 thru 0) in it to remind you of the global keyboard shortcuts.

Modifier Keys to access all functions from menu!
You can access other options by holding down modifier keys when in the menu. Holding the option key down allows you to update the selected window set. Try the control, shift, and even command-option keys for other functions!

What is the Manager Window?
The Manager Window gives you easy access to your window sets. You can access it from the menu by choosing Show Manager Window. The Manager Window performs all of the same functions as the menu, but it also allows you to reorder your sets by dragging them up-or-down in the table. You can make the manager window a floating window so it's always up front while you use it

Download Simple WindowSets and try all of its features! It's free to try!