What's New
Version 1.9
- Now mac OS X 10.6 or later and Intel based Macs only.
- Updated to take advantage of latest MacOS technologies.
- new 14-day demo period for everyone
- bug fixes

Version 1.8
- fixed a problem with it running properly on 10.4
- drop files/folders on the dock icon to quickly go to that path
- new button to restart the Dock. This helps when visibility changes aren't immediately noticeable in Dock items.
- favorites window fixes and icon change
- other minor bug fixes

About Xray Vision
Don’t want prying eyes seeing your files? Do you have something to hide? Maybe there’s files that you want to make visible. If so then Xray Vision is for you! Xray Vision provides an easy way to hide or show files on your computer. You can make your files invisible! It’s not high security but it can save you from nosy people.

Computer Requirements
Xray Vision will work on Macintosh computers with system software of MacOSX 10.6 and higher for Intel based Macs.

How Does It Work?
When Xray Vision launches you are presented with its main window. The toolbar across the top has most of the functions you will need. The File Browser section in the middle of the window allows you to browse the files and folders on your computer. You can select one of them to make that item either invisible or visible.

Red colored files are currently invisible in the Finder and black ones are visible. When you click the "Toggle Visibility" button the item will switch it's visibility in the Finder and the color of the item will reflect the change. In Mac OS X 10.4 you may need to click the "Restart Finder" button to see the change in the Finder.

The Toolbar
Tools Menu
Toggle Invisible Files in Finder
Use this to globally change the visibility of files and folders in the Finder. For example, if when normally using the Finder invisible files are not being shown, then this tool will show invisible files and vice versa. This does not change the visibility of files, it only affects whether you can see them or not in the Finder.

Rename the Selected Item
Use this tool to change the name of the selected item in the File Browser. Normally files that have a name beginning with a period are not visible in the Finder so this tool can help you show or hide those types of files.

Ignore List
Clicking the “Ignore list” button will open and close the Ignore List section. The Ignore List is a list of file/folder names that you do not want to see in the FIle Browser.

Normally when you browse your files every file is displayed in the File Browser. This can make browsing your hard drive difficult because there are many files you simply don’t want to see. That’s the purpose of this list. If you add a name to this list then any file with that name will not be shown in the File Browser... likewise removing a name causes it to be shown.

Xray Vision comes with some names already added to that list. You can add or remove names to the list using the “Add” and “Remove” buttons. Changes you make to this list are immediately updated in the File Browser.

Xray Vision works by toggling the visibility bit of your files. Normally files that are invisible can’t be seen when browsing your computer using the Finder. BUT, invisible files can always be seen in other ways. The Terminal application shows invisible files and the Finder can be made to show them. Other programs show invisible files too. As such your files are not fully protected using this method of hiding them. If you want full security Xray Vision does not provide that.

Notice that messing with core system files could cause permanent damage to your operating system. Don’t mess with them! You are solely responsible for any damage that you cause using Xray Vision.