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Welcome to
HAMSoft Engineering…
We're a small group of engineers who decided to combine our love of great technology with our admiration for Macintosh computers. We were drawn to the technology Apple Inc. has included in the latest versions of the Mac OSX operating system. Our goal is to engineer that technology into useful and fun products for Mac users. We're just getting started so keep an eye open for more great software in the future.

Today we're introducing a new program called Simply Notes. Simply Notes is a powerful note-taking program which will help you keep your thoughts and ideas organized in one place. You can create 3 different kinds of notes, 1) a rich text note, 2) a video note, and 3) an audio note. Simply Notes tracks all of the important aspects of your notes and you can even work in full-screen mode to eliminate distractions while you compose your notes. We know you're going to love this new program. We use it daily for all of our note-taking needs. You can find out more and view video tutorials on how to use the program on the product's web page here.

In addition to our new program, over the last few months we've rewritten and updated most of our other applications, namely ScriptLight, Simple WindowSets, What’s Keeping Me, and Xray Vision. The re-writing allows us to offer our customers better features by taking advantage of the latest features in MacOSX. You can visit the Products page for information about all of our applications.

We also added several new sections to the website recently. We added
Free Stuff which lists applications you can download and use for free. Plus we added Code Sharing which is mostly for developers and advanced users of MacOSX. This section is used to share code with the community. We will be adding more stuff to both those sections.

Please take a look at all of our
products. We think there's something for everyone.

But most of all, have fun!