What's New
Version 2.2
- Added support for dragging a file to the application icon in the Finder or the Dock to perform a search
- Added applescript support so you can tell application "What's Keeping Me?" to open "path:to:file:" to perform a search
- fixed 10.6 bug in listing mounted drives and files in trash
- other bug fixes

Version 2.1
- Updated to work with 10.6 Snow Leopard
- Automator workflow is installed as a Service in Services Menu for 10.6
- Automator workflow is installed as a Finder plugin in 10.5 or 10.4
- bug fixes

Version 2.0
- completely rewritten code from scratch to increase performance
- drag any file or disk onto the main window to perform a search on that item
- new Enhanced Features Drawer attached to main window
- Drawer has a Tools Menu to list all open files and open network connections
- Drawer shows mounted disks and trash files for easy searching
- double-clicking a mounted disk or trash file will perform a search on that item
- mounted disks table is automatically updated as disks are mounted/unmounted
- many other small enhancements

About What's Keeping Me?
Have you ever have the problem where you can’t empty the Trash or eject a disk because something is preventing you? Usually the reason is because some application has a file open, and thus you can’t get rid of the disk or trash the file. That’s why we made What’s Keeping Me! What’s Keeping Me will identify the application that is holding the item open. You can then use What's Keeping Me to quit the problem application (or kill it if needed) so you can perform your task. What’s Keeping Me includes an Automator workflow so you can perform searches directly from the Finder too!

What are the computer requirements?
What’s Keeping Me? will work on Macintosh computers with system software of MacOSX 10.4 and higher. It is a "Universal Binary" application so it will work on both PPC and Intel based Macs.

How do I use What's Keeping Me?
What’s Keeping Me is simple to use. Just type in the name of the item you want to get rid of and hit the key on your keyboard to begin your search. If you are trying to empty the trash then type the file name you can’t empty into the search field. If you can’t eject a disk then type the disk name into the search field.

Note: you can perform a search quickly by double-clicking a Mounted Disk or Trash File in the Enhanced Features drawer. You can also drag a file directly onto the application window, the application icon in the Dock, or onto the application icon in the Finder.

After the search is completed (searching takes a little time), the application process that is keeping the file from being trashed (or disk from being ejected) is listed. Select it, then you can use the buttons to Quit, Quit and Relaunch, or Kill the application process. You should then be able to trash or eject.
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